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“Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep along.” - noveliest Anthony Burgess
40 Million Americans snore! Are you one of them? Excessive snoring are problems totally related to upper airway obstruction. The two areas that become blocked are the nasal passages and the throat.

1. Nasal obstruction is a common factor with people who snore. Nasal obstruction issues are often due to a deviated nasal septum. Aside from snoring symptoms, individuals with nasal obstruction often complain of facial pain, headaches, ear pressure and fullness, sinus congestion and sinus infections.

2. Throat obstruction is also a common factor with people who have excessive snoring problems. The soft palate and uvula often hang too far into the throat causing significant airflow restriction when the patient lies down.

I have successfully treated many patients with complaints of excessive snoring and sleep apnea over the past 15 years. Initially most patients are treated medically with nasal steroid sprays for their nasal obstruction. Patients who fail medical therapy are then offered snoring surgery options.

The vast number of patients who undergo surgical correction of their excessive snoring problems require a combination of nasal surgery (to correct nasal airway obstruction) and palate resection surgery (to correct obstruction in the throat). 85% of patients having this combination of surgical procedures are totally cured of their snoring problems.

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85% of patients treated for nasal obstruction or soft palate narrowing are cured of their snoring.
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