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Sinus Infections- Diagnosis and Treatment

The most common patient problem I deal with on a daily basis are patients that believe they have a sinus infection. While this can often be the fact, I often discover that after evaluating their history they ultimately do not have a problem with their sinuses but have nasal obstruction issues (ongoing problems breathing through their nose). Patients come to see me after having been treated for months and years with multiple courses of antibiotics only to see their symptoms reoccur and are at a loss as to why.

What does sinus treatment include?

Initially I review a patient’s symptoms, take a detailed medical history and do a nasal exam. I often also do a sinus x-ray. A sinus x-ray is the only way to definitively assess a patient’s sinus status. Patients that have sinus infection symptoms but totally normal sinus x-rays often do not have a sinusitis but have nasal obstruction problems. In the event there is a current sinus infection I prescribe a course of sinus specific antibiotics and decongestants. Sinus infections can be very difficult to cure and I carefully follow up with my patients to make sure there has been total resolution of their symptoms.

Do you have a sinus infection or a nasal obstruction problem?

True sinus infections and nasal obstruction problems can be difficult for a patient to diagnose on their own and you can indeed have both of these problems at the same time. The most common patient complaint I hear from those people who are diagnosed with sinus infections are cold symptoms that don’t go away. Please consult the boxes below to see if you could have one or both of these problems.

Possible Sinus Infection Symptoms Nasal Obstruction Problem Symptoms
Excess nasal drainage
Coughing & hoarseness
Facial pain & headaches
Ear pressure & fullness
Nasal congestion
Ongoing cold symptoms
Recurrent sinus infections
Snoring & Sleep Apnea
Facial pain & headaches
Recurrent ear infections, dizziness
Chronic, fatigue

I have treated patients for both of these conditions very successfully. If either of these sound like you please call me for an appointment.

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