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Faclal pain and Headaches

Many of the patients I see complain of facial pain and headaches. A large number of these patients have seen multiple physicians over the years and have been incorrectly diagnosed with migraine headaches, tension headaches and various other incorrect labels.

Patients often tell me that they experience “sinus” or “frontal” headaches with associated facial pain and pressure. These are headaches that have a “butterfly” distribution where the headache is centered across the forehead between the eyes and on the mid face.

These types of headaches can be associated with sinus infections but more often than not, they are associated with nasal obstruction (inability to breath through the nose). This nasal obstruction problem is due to a deviated septum.

How do I treat facial pain and headaches?

First and foremost, we need to rule out a current sinus infection. Through a detailed medical history, a review of all of the patient’s current symptoms and a thorough nasal exam I will determine whether we are dealing with an active sinus infection or nasal obstruction problem. A sinus x-ray may also be done to truly assess the sinus status. If I determine that there is a nasal obstruction problem a course of nasal steroid sprays is prescribed. Those that do not respond to this treatment are offered sinus surgery options.

Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction

-Facial Pain and Headaches
-Excessive Snoring and Sleep Apnea
-Recurrent Ear Infections, Dizziness
-Sinus Infections
-Chronic fatigue

Facial pain & headaches
Ear Symptoms
Chronic Sinusitis
are all due to nasal obstruction issues
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