Facial Mole Removal
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Facial Mole Removal
How do you know if you need a mole removed?
  The mole is dark and has an irregular border
  The mole has an asymmetrical shape
  The mole bleeds or appears to be growing
  You’re unhappy with the appearance of a mole on your face

I understand that surgical removal of a facial mole or lesion can be anxiety producing. Your face is physically the “window” as to who you are. I am a trained head and neck surgeon with a strong background in plastic and reconstructive facial surgery. I am very concerned about your appearance but more importantly I am concerned about the health of the mole. If I find that the mole looks in the least bit suspicious I work with great care to remove the mole in its entirety. It doesn’t do a patient any good to have great cosmetic results if cancer is still lingering underneath the surface.

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Appointments last approximately 30 minutes and normally there are no restrictions in regards to returning to work or school. I carefully show patients what I am going to do prior to starting the procedure and address any concerns that they may have. I work carefully to make my incisions along natural skin creases in order to minimize scarring. Post removal pain is minimal and can be controlled by simply taking Tylenol. The only follow-up that is normally necessary is a short appointment to remove the stitches a week later. Do not take aspirin prior to and or after your appointment because it can increase bleeding.
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