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Ear and Hearing Problems

As an ear, nose and throat specialist for the past twenty years I have seen thousands of patients with ear complaints. The three most common ear problems I deal with are:

1) Earwax buildup:

The most effective, painless and safest way to remove earwax is by using a microscope. Utilization of a microscope helps visualize the extent of the build-up and assists in its total removal. Water syringes and irrigations of ear canals can be dangerous and often leave excess wax behind. Over-the-counter earwax removal products designed to “dissolve” earwax are also not effective.

2) Ear infections:

There are two primary types of ear infections I see on a daily basis. It is very important to visualize and examine the ear canal to determine if the patient has an outer canal ear infection (swimmer’s ear) or a middle ear infection (infection behind the eardrum). Treatment is different for each type of ear infection.

3) Hearing loss and hearing aid evaluation:

I see quite a number of patients who are complaining of hearing loss. I perform a thorough ear exam to make sure that there are not earwax or ear infection problems present. I am also able to perform a hearing exam in my office. Although I do not personally fit hearing aids in my office, I can recommend the best hearing aid providers in the area.
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