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Patient Comments

My daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Rockwell's for the paste eight years. As I work in the medical profession, I was taught to defer opinions about medical providers. But I was honored, when asked by Dr. Rockwell, to share my experience/opinions about our involvement in his practice. Dr. Rockwell's office staff are professional, cordial and accommodating to his patient's needs. Dr. Rockwell, himself, has displayed an outstanding level of medical competence that is equally matched by his sensitive and personalized care. Dr. Rockwell develops genuine rapport with you as an individual, which greatly enhances his medical practice and availability to his patients. In these days of managed health care, Dr. Rockwell is a pleasant surprise: a patient's doctor!

Seattle , WA

Patient Comments about Snoring
Treatment and Surgery for Snoring...

After years of sleeping in a separate bedroom my wife finally old me to go get some help for my snoring. A friend of mine had seen Dr. Rockwell and was really pleased with his treatment in that he was no longer snoring.
My wife and I met with Dr. Rockwell and ultimately had surgery to open my nose and throat area. I did have some throat pain for about 2 weeks after the surgery, but I am so glad that I had the procedure done. I am not snoring and I breathe better through my nose. I feel that I sleep much better and have more energy during the day. I feel that I was really well prepared for the surgery. Dr. Rockwell and his staff answered all of my questions. I would recommend Dr. Rockwell to anyone who snores!

R.B. Seattle, WA

Dear Dr. Rockwell,

I just had to write to you to thank you for helping my husband. For years his snoring was a huge problem in our lives. Most of the time we slept in opposite ends of the house and even then I could hear him! I also worried about his health because he always looked so tired. You don't know how happy I was when he finally came to see you. I know that the idea of surgery was a little frightening to him, but after trying the nasal sprays he knew that was going to be the best thing. He was a bit cranky after the procedure but after a few weeks we could both really see a big improvement! Thank you!!

C.R.K. Edmonds, WA

Nasal obstruction... Patient Comments

I am a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines. For years I suffered with nasal congestion, especially while flying. I often ended up missing trips because of headaches and facial pain. I also had bad pain in my ears on take off and landing. A co-worker told me to go see his doctor. I decided to see Dr. Rockwell and was really impressed with the amount of time he spent with me. He explained to me the relationship between my nasal obstruction and all of my symptoms. He suggested we try some nasal sprays for a month. Unfortunately, I didn't feel any better. We discussed the benefits of having my nose fixed surgically. I scheduled the time off and had the procedure. It was not particularly painful, and most importantly, now I can breathe great through my nose. I am back flying and having no problems with headaches or ear pain. I wish I had met Dr. Rockwell years ago!

J.D. Seattle, WA

Sinus Infections... Patient Comments

I am so grateful to Dr. Rockwell and Shannon for all that they have done for me. Another doctor had strongly suggested surgery as the only way to "fix me". I was skeptical and wanted another opinion. My mother-in-law suggested Dr. Rockwell. I was able to get an appointment right away. The doctor was very thorough and he really listened to me. I was relived when I found out that I could avoid surgery. I had just not been on antibiotics long enough to get rid of all the infection. Dr. Rockwell had me use antibiotics and then took an x-ray to make sure that I was well. It took several weeks in all before my x-rays were normal again, but I am so happy I didn't have to have surgery! My symptoms have been gone for a long time and I feel great. I am so happy that I met Dr. Rockwell!!!

B.F.D. Bellevue, WA

I went to see Dr. Rockwell because I was sure I had allergies. I was shocked when he showed me my sinus X-ray and it was full of gunk. I took the antibiotics and on my next visit I could even see where my x-ray looked better. Well, it took two more weeks before everything was "all clear", but I am glad that I hung in there because I feel much better. I must sound a lot better too, because my friends told me I don't sound stuffy anymore! Thanks Doc Roc!

C.C Mercer Is, WA

Facial Mole Removal... Patient Comments

I live in Ketchikan Alaska. I saw an ad in the newspaper for Dr. Rockwell's clinic here in town. It said he specializes in mole removal. I had a mole on my face that worried me so I made an appointment. It only took 20 minutes to remove it, and it didn't even hurt. I was a little concerned about having a bad scar, but now I can't hardly see it. It was so easy to have it removed, I don't know why I waited so long.

P.C. Ketchikan, AK

I saw Dr. Rockwell last spring. I had a mole that bothered me. My father had skin cancer so I knew I needed to get it checked out. Dr. Rockwell removed it in his office. I was able to go back to work afterward. It turned out to be no big deal and I was relieved that it wasn't cancer. It's just easier to have them taken off than worry about it.

Paul M. Aberdeen, WA

I drove a truck for 23 years. I had a rough patch of skin on my ear that never really healed up . My wife made me go see Dr. Rockwell. I'm glad now, because it was a skin cancer. Dr. Rockwell had to remove a piece of my ear, but you can't even see where it was now. I went back and had him take off 2 more moles. I don't want to take any chances.

R.J.B. Seattle, WA

Patient Comments about BOTOX®
Dr. Rockwell,
I feel like a new woman thanks to you and BOTOX®. I must admit that I was initially skeptical about having BOTOX® injections but then you thoroughly explained the safety and effectiveness of the product to me. The before and after pictures you showed me were amazing! I didn't realize how easy and virtually painless the procedure would be. My crows feet are far less visible and people are starting to comment on how much younger and relaxed I look. You will definitely be seeing me for my follow-up appointment in 3 1/2 months.

D.E.K. Seattle, WA

Dear Dr. James Rockwell,

I want to let you know just how happy I am after my first BOTOX® treatment. Being a man, over the years I had not paid much attention to the growing frown marks on my forehead. The marks became more pronounced over the years and I felt there was no procedure that would help. After a brief meeting with you, Dr. Rockwell, I felt there was hope. The BOTOX® treatment went just as you explained, brief and painless. Within 4 short days my frown marks were gone. I am so satisfied with the results.

J.P.S. Mill Creek, WA.

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